Monday, January 25, 2010

Some Work.

So Tom Molloy is my Independent Painting tutor and we have been talking about my project and what I want it to be. I don't want to give myself any limitations at this point in terms of either content or style, although I am leaning towards something a little dark. For now, still just sketching faces and digging in the garbage for paper. Hoping to get in touch with The Hoff about some things...
Have some stories in the works including a GHOST STORY, (sort of,) and some talk of Galway, and a dance lesson.
I have been going to parties and meeting people, some good, some just kind of good. Went to what I guess they were calling a French Techno Party at the home of a an Englishman named James for his 31st birthday. There I met Englishman Mike who told me to dance and when I did he started singing "dancing! dancing! dancing!" He's a cool guy. Then there was Wild-Eye-Drunk Crow Gerard and his friend whose name I forget right now, but on the taxi to the party they were both asking me what I knew about "Murder She Wrote," swearing that I must be a genius on the subject because I'm from Maine... Anyway. More and more to come.

Here's some work.

Here be a teaser. Sorry, these photos will all be bad-ish. Scans (or better photos,) hopefully coming soon.

That Irish gentleman I met on the plane, remember him? This is a bit what he looked like. He had bigger eyes. Look for another version coming soon!

A touch of home. Painted this on some wood I found and hung it aloft above me studio. sort of making it like home y'know? This might me my favorite thing I've done since awhile. Yeah.



  1. How was it to paint letters? lol

    I've always liked your characters, but I love it when you put in an environment. Zombie eating fish and the good vs evil pieces come to mind.

    Hope to see more paintings from you. I don't want to use the word talent, 'cause i've stated before that i don't believe in talent. However, You have a flexibility or fluidity with the medium of painting. The paintings from your imagination have bright colors and line work that stands out from the rest. As well as what I remember from figure painting II. You had more de-saturated colors, with I think some influence of lucian freud that you seemed to pick up only after looking at his book for like one break. Kevin's portrait, and your final in that class were strong paintings.

    You picked stuff up quick and moved forward with it. I know your suspicious of anyone who enjoys your work but I'm just telling you to move forward with no fear. Have some confidence in yourself and blaze some trails.

    Okay so this is all the praise you're getting out of me. This is me setting the bar for you. These are my expectations.

    I think I'm going to leave it at that. I was going to go on a long winded tale about how ahead of you is only waves of grammatically incorrect critique/rants and sighs of disappointment.

    but you probably put enough pressure on yourself already.

    Adventures! and french techno parties look awesome in my head but then i put the fact that it's being thrown in ireland and I can't seem to picture it right. I'm seeing Daft Punk but a lot of green.

  2. a heart with a banner that wraps twice... the first one says "anchored in harpswell" the seconds says "peggy's home cooking"