Saturday, January 23, 2010

Catastrauphic Activity Regaurding Airline Food:


There is no organization in my life right now, everything is sort of happening like in the movie "Memento," where half the scenes are moving forward and the other half are moving backwards and the movie ends in the middle of the story. Anyway. Point is, I still have no routine here and now which I guess is good, its just hard to tell a story this way... Consider this a first draft.

And it starts with an Irish gentleman offering me his crackers and cheese on the plane. It was a six hour flight from Logan to Shannon, no delays, no connections, no sleep. I dont know why I didnt slide my credit card through that little screen on the seat back in front of me, I could have spent a good bit of time merrily chuckling in my seat to "I Love You Man," like the fellow next to me, but instead i found myself folded in my little seat, whole body bent into a book I had started reading a year ago. It was a real life adventure story about wreck divers discovering a sunken U-boat off the coast of New Jersey. Got me in the mood for adventure. (By the way, at this point writing, I've got no direction, I might be able to bring things full circle in a last second attempt at
making some kind of point or realization, but probably not, so if you think this is going anywhere, I'll see you later.) Anyway, I accepted the cheese and crackers with a thanks, explaining that I had eaten quite a big meal earlier which is why I didnt get any food and added in a sort of whisper that I never really trusted airline food. He laughed and said he didnt either. At first I laughed back, but then when he turned back to his screen I thought about his remark for awhile while quietly regaurding the man's empty food tray. I sort of wondered if he was the gambling type and if he was expecting any catastrauphic activity later on concerning his digestive tract. I figuered he thought his chances were good.

Airline food has a good way at presenting ultimatums. Think about it. Hungry or sick. Your choice I guess. I sort of picture myself saying these things instead of typing them. Like with an audience as part of a show.

Now I've lost my train of thought...


Oh yeah, finished the book about when we landed, and just knowing I was back in Ireland I would have cried like a poet had I not been exhausted and jittery. It had been a few cups of coffee on the plane in an attempt to stave off jetlag which actually worked really well. Welcomed the man home and stepped off the plane.

The first few days there was frost on everything and I guess the country was in a state of emergency because they had ran out of grit to cover the roads with and everything was slippery and everyone I spoke to was all in a tizzy about the weather. I thought it was a little funny. Anyway. These are the things I remember.