Monday, February 1, 2010

I did soon discover that in order to stay sane I need to keep my brain in a few different places, otherwise all parts are carrying out the same task and some parts get disgruntled for never getting a turn to do what they want to do. So for the semester I am keeping 2 parts running on slightly different projects that may end up coherent in the end without them knowing.

1. The original characters project where I meet and learn about people and record their story and image while keeping the pen moving on my own adventures,

2. The seafaring side of me is begging to paint dive helmets and whales. So there will be some of that, also involving fabricated lore and relics,

So below we've got a bit of a mix; a sketch i did of a musician here, a dive helmet and something else. If you think you know what to call it, please share with me.

Situated in an alley in Ennis singing into his banjo. Drew him up on a scrap of paper. Sounded like Irish Tom Waits to me.

Gouache on masonite.

Going to do more stuff like this.


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